What are the New Zealand Student Visa Requirements?

Highly admired study abroad destination, New Zealand offers qualitative education in a friendly and safe environment. The country is also known to provide lucrative career opportunities to potential overseas students. Immigration New Zealand has laid down a procedure to be followed by international students in order to attain study in New Zealand. Comparative to other developed nations, Immigration New Zealand is a little more liberal in granting study visas.
The requirements for New Zealand student visa include

  • Offer of Place from NZQA approved institution – The international students are required to apply for admission into an educational institution that is approved by New Zealand Qualification Authority. Once the institution approves the student as a prospective student of the institution by providing Offer of Place, you are eligible to move towards fulfilling other New Zealand student visa requirements.
  • Valid Passport – The international students are required to have a valid passport that will not expire in the duration of your study in New Zealand.
  • Academic transcripts – The students are required to obtain academic transcripts for Class 10th, 10+2 and any other degree or diploma undertaken by the student so as to provide valid proofs of academic achievements.
  • Minimum academic requirement – The student must have attained minimum of 50% in his academic endeavours to become eligible to study in New Zealand.
  • Address gap in your education – Immigration New Zealand requires that the student has completed his academic qualifications without any gap years and if there lies a gap, then there should be valid and acceptable justification for that gap. Unexplained gap in your education may raise doubts on your profile and reduce your chances of visa approval.
  • Work experience certificates – If you have any work experience in your home country, then you should provide appointment letter, work experience letter, bank salary statement etc. valid proofs.
  • Financial eligibility – The study in New Zealand aspirants must have sound financial condition and appropriate funds to fulfill the course fee, living and travel cost requirements. The living expense in New Zealand is about $15,000/year. The funds you provide for the first year of your study must be at least a half year old. For subsequent years, you have to show financials through GPF, FDRs, EPF, education loan letters, etc.
  • Valid sponsors – According to Immigration New Zealand, only your immediate family members can sponsor you for your studies. It includes your parents, siblings, spouse, parents-in-law and grandparents.
  • Statement of Purpose – The students are required to write up a detailed statement that clarifies their reasons to leave the home country and pursue further study abroad. What fascinated the student for doing so and how is the course relevant to the future prospects and career ambitions of the student. You should also mention about your intentions to leave the country after completion of studies.
  • Medical Examination – When the course of study undertaken by the student is of duration longer than 6 months, then the student is required to undergo tuberculosis test to assure that you remain fit while you study in New Zealand.
  • Communicative ability in English language – The international student is required to undertake IELTS, PTE or TOEFL test to prove their ability to communicate in English. New Zealand has Level Education system and subsequent levels of study have different IELTS Band requirements. For Level- 4 to 6, IELTS Band Score of 5.5 is required; for Level- 7, the score required in IELTS is 6 Band; for Level- 8 and above, the score required is 6.5; for some professional courses like nursing, the Band requirement is 7.
  • Police certification – If your age is above 17 years and you intend to study a course for over two years in New Zealand, then you are required to prove your good character through police certificate.

To attain education in New Zealand, the international students are required to fulfill all the above mentioned requirements. Gaining international exposure at a study abroad destination has become vital part of education these days. If you require more information regarding New Zealand student visa, you can consult West Highlander Career Consultancy. West Highlander is an ENZRA member for assessment and Ms. Parwinder Kaur (Director of West Highlander Consultancy) is an IAA licensed adviser and bears years of experience and knowledge. Contact No. – 9915999-677, 766.