Top Reasons behind Canada Student Visa Rejection

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There are various reasons that could be held responsible if your visa has got rejected.  Below, we have mentioned several reasons that can be held responsible if your visa application has got rejected.

  • If you do not have sufficient funds and financial resources to maintain yourself
  • You have not demonstrated clearly that your sponsor will provide you support to cover the cost of your studies
  • You have not submitted a CAQ (Certificate acceptation du Quebec), in case you have plans to study in Quebec
  • You have not submitted documents which lack credibility as a part of your submission
  • The documents you have does not demonstrate your relationship between you and your sponsor
  • You have not satisfied that you will leave Canada by the end of authorized period of your stay
  • You have not submitted written documentation from the educational institution in which you are intending to study

Visa Refusal Mistakes

Most of the candidates who apply for Visa make a mistake of not going through the guidelines appropriately. Since the visa guidelines are concise and brief and you need to have a clear understanding of the visa requirements when you are applying for a visa.  The high commission of Canada expects documents to be arranged according to the guidelines. In case you are not able to present your documents properly, your visa may get rejected.  A single wrong document can become a major reason for your visa refusal. Another common mistake that most of the candidates make is giving over explanation of their case when it is not required. One should not try to give explanation unless desired when you are applying for a visa.

Selecting the wrong category of the visa application can be another reason that could be held responsible for your visa rejection. Canada commission has 3 categories in broad, which are- General, SPP and University.  You are advisable to select your visa category carefully and follow the guidelines properly.  Do not try to mingle the visa category with another.

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