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Things You Need to Know about Tier 1 Visa

Doing own business is a dream of most people and doing or expanding it abroad is a dream of everyone. If you wish too, your dream can come true. How? Let us tell you how you can run your business abroad. If you really want to do business as an entrepreneur in abroad, UK is the destination where you can enter with ease. This is the country where the Tier 1 entrepreneur visa makes an entrance or you can say it is a gateway to explore Europe.

Basically, Tier 1 visa is crafted to allow overseas business people to run business in UK. The people who are tuned to initiate business in the country need to invest between £50,000 and £200,000, then you can enter the UK to establish or take over a business. The fund you will invest must be held by a regulated institution lie as a bank or venture capital firm and must be free to spend. These are various features of the visa that we describe in 2 stages namely as a permanent resident and then as UK Citizen.

What do you get in stage 1 as Permanent residency?


  • You must have residence permits for you and your family in three months
  • Within five years, you can apply for permanent residency
  • Your kids can boast free primary and secondary school education in the UK.
  • You are permitted to the same level of university tuition fees available to UK nationals from £4,000 a year, compared with the minimum of £15,000 for overseas students but after three years.
  • Being a legal resident of the country, you and your dependent are allowed to have free medical benefits under the National Health Services.
  • Leaving the UK for two years or more during the scheme, you will lose your permanent residency as you have no freedom of movement across the European Economic Area and will subject to immigration control.


Stage 2


  • If you secure permanent residency after three years, you can apply for UK citizenship after five years.
  • If you get permanent residency after five years, you can apply for UK citizenship after six years.
  • Being a UK citizen, you are allowed to work, live and travel around 32 countries under EEA program as you will be a citizen of the EEA.
What you can explore being a UK citizen?

You can travel to over 100 countries across the world without an entry visa, the countries include– USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Getting the visa is like a lottery that offers you an ultimate chance to explore the countries around you with our family while doing business.

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