Study in Canada – Scholarships for International Students

Studying overseas has become a trend these days. Easy conveyance system and digitization has connected the world through and through and has opened up endless opportunities for the people of the world. The students of third world countries often opt to gain international exposure of education so as to earn rewarding career opportunities. The education system of developing countries is also shaping up, taking inspiration from the developed ones. But, there is still a far-fetched gap between the educational facilities advanced by the nations like Canada, Australia, US and the developing nations. The formers provide highly qualified and industry oriented faculty members, state of the art infrastructural facilities, congenial environment to study and the cherry on the cake is scholarships to potential study abroad aspirants.
Pathways to attain International Student Scholarships in Canada
There are various scholarship schemes and programs run by educational institutions and non-educational institutions. They follow a certain criteria so as to find out which are the most eligible candidates who should be provided scholarships. Scholarships are generally granted to students of intellect, meritorious students, students who have some extra ordinary talent that may or may not be of academic nature and so on. Let us learn about the Scholarship schemes provided by various institutions to study in Canada –

  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF) – Under this program, study abroad aspirants and domestic students, all can apply for the scholarship. The students from any field except MBA program can apply for this scholarship. The student must have secured a minimum of GPA 3.75 in last two years of bachelor’s program. The previous education should be from a recognized institution. The scholarship is provided for-


  • Master’s program– $14,000 for one year and the benefit can be availed for a maximum of 24 months from the initiation of the program.
  • PhD program– It is $18,000 for 12 months and can be availed only for the first 4 years of the doctoral program.


  • Wilfred Laurier University Scholarships – The famed university provides partial funding for Bachelor’s and master’ programs to all the students irrespective of nationality. There are various scholarship programs like entrance scholarship, in-course scholarship, competitive scholarships, etc.


  • Entrance Scholarships – It is for those who are entering in Year 1 of undergraduate level program and have never been to a post secondary institution before. The student should be registered full-time and in two terms within their initial academic year. There is no application requirement for this scholarship.
  • In-course scholarship – It doesn’t require application form. It is granted to students of Year 2 through Year 4, provided that students keep scoring GPA of 10 or 80% or above in their academics. The scholarship value for 10-10.49 GPA is $500 and for 10.5-10.99 GPA is $750 and for GPA above 11, it is $1,500.
  • Competitive Scholarships – It is provided to students with outstanding academic achievements, co-curricular achievements and volunteer works. For this scholarship, the students are required to apply through the scholarship application form.


  • Affiliated Fellowships at University Of British Columbia The scholarship is provided to 50 most eligible students for graduate courses other than MBA, Master of Management, Master of Engineering, Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs and Doctor of Pharmacy. The scholarship value ranges from $175 to $16,000. The academic requirement is 80% or higher to become eligible for the fellowship awards.
  • University of Alberta Scholarships – Unlike other universities, UAlberta provides multiple scholarships to students if they become eligible. The university allows CAD 28Million every year for enabling students to study in Canada at UAlberta. The students reaching admission average of 90% or higher can receive scholarship of $9,000 or more. When you undertake admission in Alberta University, you automatically become eligible for some scholarships while you are specifically required to apply for others.
  • University of Alberta Master’s Recruitment Scholarships – There is no particular application to apply for it while department recommends students for this scholarship. It is for course based and thesis based master programs. For thesis based, the scholarship provided is valued at $17,000 + full-time program and non-institutional fee and any graduate differential fee. It is non renewable. For course based, the scholarship amount is $17,000 + payment of tuition fee for the fall and winter intake programs only.

Having learnt about various scholarship programs offered by accredited universities of Canada, now you can find out the category you fall into and avail maximum possible benefits. There are various other institutions and organisations that provide scholarships to international students for study in Canada. If you want to know more about scholarships in Canada or about study abroad, consult experts and experienced professionals at West Highlander.