Study Accounting and Finance in New Zealand

Accounting and Finance is basically game of numbers and the professionals of this area examine and audit everything related to the numbers basically the money. This is a burgeoning platform of career opportunities because in anything small or big, there is a need to keep a check over financial matters. This is sure-assured field that can guarantee job opportunities. So give yourself a global platform of education by pursuing it from New Zealand. New Zealand is among the top-destinations for the students who want to study abroad because of its world recognised education.

Top Universities to study in New Zealand:

The University of Auckland – Accounting is given to student as one of the eleven subjects to study Bachelor of Commerce, often combined with Finance or another Business subject as a double major. Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting as part of a conjoint degree programme is also an option and one can go for two degrees at once.

(In a conjoint programme you do two degrees at once, in short period.)

Masters in Professional Accounting can also be done to upgrade your career in accounting and finance.

Massey Business School – is in the top 2% of Business school worldwide and ranked among top 150 globally for accountancy and finance. Bachelor of Accountancy and Bachelor of Business Studies (Accountancy) can be pursued to become a professional accountant, also Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting).

Master of Business Studies, Master of Business Studies (Accountancy), Master of Professional Accountancy and Finance, Postgraduate Certificate in Business, Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy, and Postgraduate Diploma in Business are the courses who have done their bachelors.

Southern Institute of Technology – sixth largest institute of technology offers three courses in Accounting for the students who want to study in New Zealand: Graduate Diploma in Accounting, Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting and New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 5) (Accounting Strand) for the Undergraduates only.

University of Canterbury – University of Canterbury (UC) is ranked in the world’s top 250 established in 1873. This prestigious University offers 11 courses in accounting and finance for both graduates and undergraduates who want to study abroad: Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) majoring in Accounting, Finance, Taxation and Accountancy; Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Finance and Masters in the same.

Victoria University of Wellington – ranked among top 500 universities of the world, it offers who want to study in New Zealand: Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Accounting and in Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Finance and Masters in the same along with Masters in Applied Finance and Masters in Professional Accounting.

Other Universities offering courses in Finance and Accounting for the aspirants who want to study in New Zealand are:

  • Eastern Institute of Technology
  • Aspire2 International
  • University of Otago
  • University of Waikato
  • Wintec

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