PG Agriculture courses in Canada

PG Agriculture Courses in Canada: Scope, Requirements, Fees and Universities

The growing economy has resulted in ever increasing food production globally. This as a result has lead to a growing interest among students in agricultural sciences. It is truly said that if a farmer is poor then the whole country is. Agricultural sciences and courses are growing popular among international students and offer diverse career opportunities.

There are several PG agriculture courses in Canada in numerous disciplines where one can learn the expertise and scientific knowledge to cultivate plants and edible products for human consumption and livestock.

Going forward we would be discussing post graduate agriculture courses in Canada for international students.

PG Agriculture Courses in Canada

Here are some of the PG Agriculture Courses in Canada for students planning to take on the production and development science:

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia offers a course and a practicum in sustainable agriculture. Agroecosystem Sustainability and Practicum in Sustainable Agriculturer are offered the university.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

The university offers a Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Agriculture and several short term PG courses. The programs focus on sustainable production methods and contemporary agricultural issues through a unique combination of classroom and farm-based learning. Students participate in farm management as well as community-based research and internship.

University of Manitoba

Agroecology specializes in the management and conservation of our natural and agricultural resources. Agroecologists develop environmentally friendly weed, insect and disease controls and also help farmers conserve their land and protect Canada’s wildlife and water supply.

University of Guelph

The Certificate in Organic provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of organic agricultural systems in the broader context of societal needs and developments. This broad perspective will enable students to investigate how societal changes shape the agriculture and food value chain in general and with regard to specific requirements, such as certification of organic agricultural and food production practices and standards.

Trent University

Trent University’s Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Program offers two degree options: an Honours B.Sc. in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Science, and an Honours B.A. in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Studies.

Fleming College

Fleming College offers a Sustainable Agriculture program that is designed for new and beginner farmers seeking an intensive, applied learning experience in sustainable, ecological or natural farming methods.

Durham College

Durham College’s Food and Farming program offers a hands-on opportunity to become familiar with the concepts of food production.

St. Lawrence College

St. Lawrence College offers a certificate that explores the practices, principles and philosophies involved in local food system development. The focus is on increasing both academic and hands-on knowledge of regional food initiatives across Canada, alongside international best practices.

McGill University

McGill University’s MacDonald campus offers a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Environmetal Sciences with a specialization in Ecological Agriculture.

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture Extended Learning Program offers a Certificate of Specialization in Organic Agriculture.

Other than this there are several more Canadian institutes that offer PG Agriculture Courses in Canada

  1. University of Fraser Valley
  2. Trent University
  3. Lakehead University
  4. Dalhousie University
  5. Sault College
  6. Vancouver Island University
  7. Thompson Rivers University
  8. Niagara College
  9. Confederation College
  10. Brock University
  11. Fleming College
  12. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Cost of PG Agriculture Courses in Canada: The PG Agriculture course in Canada is nearly for 1-2 years duration and can cost between 18000-20000 CAD annually. One can also opt for scholarships and bursaries.

Eligibility requirement for Agriculture Courses in Canada

  1. 3 years of a bachelors degree in related field
  2. 70% score is required as your bachelor’s average.
  3. Proof of language minimum IELTS 6.5-7 or equivalent PTE/TOEFL scores.
  4. Experience letters and statements of purpose.
  5. Canada student visa

Job and Visa Extension opportunities in Canada

Some of the career pathways for international students in agriculture are,

  1. Environmental Engineer
  2. Agricultural Engineer
  3. Food Scientist
  4. Agriculturalist
  5. Agronomist
  6. Farm Scientist
  7. Crop Care Manager
  8. Resource Manager
  9. Agricultural Operations Manager

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