New Zealand Dependent Cases Expert in Chandigarh

New Zealand Dependent Cases Expert in Chandigarh

Why Applying through Licensed Agent is Necessary?

When applying for New Zealand dependent visa, it is extremely important for you to take licensed advice.  The Immigration Advisers Authority was set up to guard persons receiving New Zealand Immigration Advice.  This authority was set up under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007.  This act elaborates that anyone giving immigration advice must have a license before giving advice on immigration matters unless they are exempt. As per the rules of New Zealand Immigration, if you lodge an application with INZ using unlicensed adviser, or someone who is not exempt, your application may get rejected. The act also states that no immigration application or request on the behalf of another person would be accepted.

 Migrating to another country is an important decision for you and your family.  You should make right choice by using the right consultant. Since it would involve lots of money, time and efforts, therefore, it makes sense to consult New Zealand dependent cases expert who can advice you on the matter so that you can get visa granted easily. Any person who is on a student visa can apply for visa of his spouse and kids as his/her dependents.  The work eligibility of your spouse would be determined on the basis of level of study you are doing in New Zealand.  The dependents would be granted the visa for the same validity as you.

One of the key factors to consider when applying for New Zealand dependent visa is you must have established genuine and stable relationship with your partner.  You will also require providing documentation for this, which is not just limited to marriage certificate and photographs to name a few.  You are supposed to provide evidences that you have established your life together.

How West Highlander can help you?

Lodging a visa application is a tedious and complicated process.  It involves huge fees and is a time consuming process.  Getting it right the first time is important because the chances of success diminish with the second time. West Highlander possesses more than 15 years of experience in the immigration industry and can manage the entire process for you.  We check your eligibility, advise you on the best options, help you with your documentation and other certifications, lodge your application and follow up with the authorities on your behalf so that you can be granted visa.

West Highlander possess tremendous success rate of spouse visa applications. We look into the minute details of spouse visa or tourist visa to ensure that it meets the guidelines of the NZ immigration agency.   Our director- Ms. Parwinder Kaur is a licensed Immigration Adviser licensed by Immigration Advisor Authority New Zealand, License Number- 201002008.

New Zealand Dependent Visa Success

West Highlander possess tremendous New Zealand dependent visa success.  We got 10 NZ dependent visas in the month September, 2016.  It is only because of the hard work, effective co-operation among our employees, we are able to exceed the expectations of  our clients.

  1. Gurpreet Singh
  2. Gurwinder Singh
  3. Manjot Singh
  4. Amritpal Singh
  5. Tajbir Singh
  6. Karanjit Singh
  7. Gurcharan Singh
  8. Sukhpreet Singh
  9. Jagmeet Singh
  10. Rohit Joshi

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If you want your New Zealand dependent visa granted in the first attempt, then consult the experts of West Highlander. You can reach us on 9915999677 or visit our website for more information.