India continues to be the major source of immigrants to Australia

Australia can be next destination for active Indian diaspora on the lines of USA, Canada and UK. India has the second highest number of immigrants in the world. As per the reports, it has been reported that there are more than 11.4 million Indians moving abroad. India provides a number of services to the Indians who are living abroad. As per the Ministry Of Overseas Indian Affair, international migration is important impacting on economic relations between the developed and developing countries.

India has also taken in more than 5.4 million immigrants in 2010 according to the reports submitted by the World Bank. According to the Australian Bureau of Statics, India was the fourth major source of permanent migrants to Australia. Indian students travel abroad to study in large numbers and have become an important source of international enrollment diversity.

More than 207,900 migrants are permanently settled in Australia, who came from India. Australian Migration report shows that India is the main source of the country from where most of the immigrants come from. Indians have left immigrants from China, New Zealand, United Kingdom and chose Australia as home country.