How does your previous refusal impact your New Zealand Student Visa Application ?

This is very important to address in your study in New Zealand visa application. If you have got any refusals of any country then make sure that you declare of these in your current visa application. Not disclosing this would negatively impact your New Zealand student visa application and raise serious concern about your intention to study in New Zealand. You need to address of all your previous refusals in your current application. Misleading immigration New Zealand or providing false information is taken very seriously by the case officer.
There is a general misconception that if you have been refused visa for any other country then your New Zealand student visa application will also be refused. It is not the case if you are able to successfully address the refusals reasons. Immigration New Zealand has got a very transparent visa policy. If you have been refused a student visa by Australia or Canada on general grounds this does not mean that your study in New Zealand visa application will also be refused.
Australia may have refused your application because of not meeting GTE criteria or Canada may have refused your application as they feel that your past studies are not in light with your proposed studies or you do not seem to meet the academic or English language requirement of your proposed course in Canada. You can always address these kinds of refusals in your New Zealand student visa application.
If you hide your previous refusals of other countries it may be become a serious matter.
The case officer would look into the reason of your previous refusals. Suppose you have been refused by Canada for the reason that your previous studies are not relevant to your proposed course in Canada. This can always be addressed with a strong and a convincing statement of Purpose. Mention about your previous study and how your academic background and English language ability makes you eligible for the course. Mention about the all the research you have made about your study abroad plans. Mention about the course you intend to do and how this course is relevant to your previous academic background and any work experience you may have. Mention as to how this course would be rewarding in terms of career aspects. It is very important to take care that the statement of purpose must be original written by you based n your research. It must not seem artificial and must not be generic. Your statement of purpose must relate to your circumstances.
Depending upon the reason of your refusal you may provide relevant documents. But if the reason of your previous refusal is related to something for e.g. providing false information, hiding some crucial information or any other related matter then this may cause problems for your New Zealand visa application also.
Ban and Exclusion Period:-
If you have been banned from any country or have exclusion period applicable on you then this may be a serious problem with your application. Visa applicants with a ban applicable on them are generally ineligible for a temporary visa unless granted under a special direction.
We at West Highlander have successfully managed to get student visa approvals for New Zealand of applicants who have previously been refused student visa for Australia or Canada. Ms Parwinder Kaur one of the directors of West Highlander is a licensed Immigration Adviser licensed by Immigration Adviser Authority New Zealand holding full license from last many years. We at West Highlander have successfully served hundreds of student visa clients till date.