Immigration Rules Undergo Changes to make immigration to Australia Easier for Students

 The prime minister of Australia has taken two major initiatives in Australia’s Immigration Policy.   Students who are studying courses ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) can apply for permanent residence in Australia.  The initiative is for students who are doing their masters and PhD from research institutes in Australia.  The STEM and ICT stream is quite broad and numerous students are expected to complete their qualification in Australia. This would give them extra points in the skilled migration points test.

 The change in the point system will be implemented at the end of the year; therefore, it cannot be predicted for how many extra points STEM students will receive approval to migrate to Australia.  This would definitely make the immigration process easier for those who are studying in Australia.  The change is also going to encourage students from all over the world to come and study in Australia.  This is a win-win situation because it will increase the cultural diversity in the country and students will get benefit of studying in the world class education system of Australia.

 The immigration changes would benefit people who want to migrate to Australia and get a nomination from one of the professions given in the development list.  Since there are many professions mentioned in the list, therefore it can cause problems to those students whose streams are not given in the list.  There is a quota for every field. Therefore, people who are from IT and engineering field are restricted to migrate because quota is filled every year.  The skill assessment requirements are that the professionals have paid work experience in their fields and can be involved in research and studies.

New Entrepreneur Visa

 According to the new entrepreneur visa, new entrepreneurs will be given entrepreneurs temporary residence visa if they come to the country with innovative and new business ideas.  If the business idea has got lot of potential for growth and acceptance in the Australian market, then the chances are getting new entrepreneur visa are higher.  In order to get this visa, there are several requirements that you will require meeting.  You need to have strong financial backing from a third party or need to have a state nomination.  This is a provisional visa that you will be getting and getting permanent visa will depend on the success of the business idea.

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