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Have New Zealand Citizen/ PR? This way you can bring your Dependents

Nowadays, people are moving to abroad for gaining certain career opportunities or for the purpose of studying. Your loved ones are always a miss in a foreign country like New Zealand so if you are planning to bring your spouse and child to this country then it is relevant that you should be a citizen or permanent resident of the country. The individual who is interested in joining their spouse in New Zealand then he/she can apply as the dependent of a student/work visa holder. The actual qualifying criteria of an individual can be identified through the level of course.

To apply for this visa category, one of the major requirements is that the person should be selecting the appropriate category and deliver documentation that is significant so that the visa can be granted successfully. The immigration authority of the country only accepts the applications if they are coming from the advisors who offer licensed immigration services. Dependents are children who are under the 19 years of age and are unmarried. It is significant that the application of the applicant should be capable of proving that the partner is studying or working in the country.

Eligibility criteria

This visa category requires eligibility criteria to be fulfilled so that the visa can be granted without any sort of complexities. The eligibility requirements are:

  • To be eligible for this visa, the applicant and the partner should be living together for at least 12 months.
  • The relationship between the resident and applicant should be genuine and proof should be delivered while applying for the application.
  • The applicant of this visa should be having the efficiency of supporting themselves financially in the country.
  • To apply for this visa, another major requirement is that the individual should be meeting the requirement of character to support the application of visa for the partnership based entry class on a basis that is temporary.
  • The applicant should ensure that his/her partner is holding the student or work visa of the country. In case if the partner is on a student visa then it is important that he/she should be in the country for a higher qualification.

Documents required for the visa

There are certain documents which should be delivered by the applicant at the time of application and they are:

  • There is the requirement of a valid passport and the validity of the visa should be up to minimum three years after the stay of an applicant in the country.
  • Another important aspect is that the applicant should ensure the completion of the visa application.
  • There should be the attaching of receipt of the paid application fee.
  • Health insurance receipt should also be submitted with the application.
  • Health and character certificates should be provided with other documents.
  • Two passport sized photographs should also be attached to the application.

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