Consult the British Council Certified Counsellor to study in the UK

While ‘Study-Abroad’ is taken into consideration by any student, there are many questions that pops-up in student’s mind and family’s as well. To entertain such queries of aspirants to lead them in the right direction, countries welcoming International Students have taken Counsellor/Agent/Graduates etc in the loop to provide accurate information to the students. On a similar account, the British Council has introduced the British Council Certified Counsellor to provide assistance to the students who aspire to study in the UK. These agents/counsellors are provided with regular professional training. This enables them to recommend the UK as a perfect educational destination to the International Students.

Through the training done by the British Council, they have the expertise to guide students aspiring to study in the UK about:

  • The UK Education System
  • Courses that an International Student is eligible to study in the UK.
  • Qualifications that a student can target at each level.
  • As a student why you should consider the UK as your educational destination.
  • Living in the UK
  • Student Lifestyle issues like how one can manage their living, accommodation and travel.
  • Quality assurance of education in the UK and how this operates.
  • Courses Fees and Application Process to apply to study in the UK.

In addition to this, as far as yours flying is concerned to study in the UK; these Counsellors are also going to guide you through:

  • Meeting the basic entry requirements to lodge your application for the Visa to study in the UK.
  • Updated Visa and Immigration Regulations.
  • Visa-Application Process

In nutshell, they’ve solutions to all the queries which you may encounter as a study-abroad aspirant to study in the UK.

To meet one such British Council Certified Counsellor, visit West Highlander.

Mr. Gurvinder Singh who is the Managing Director of West Highlander who has many years of experience in providing study-abroad counselling to the students who aspire to study-abroad. He is the British Council Certified Counsellor who has expertise in guiding the students who aspire to study in the UK.

Moreover, West Highlander is the leading study-abroad consultancy in running since 2005. Over the years we have achieved the success of having high-visa approval rate in the region. We assure you a client-oriented service with utter transparency and honesty. Feel free to Call us to get answers to any of your query on your study in the UK.