Career in Tourism and Recreation Management

Travel agents play a vital role in planning trips for the clients.  The scope in the tourism and recreation field is vast and there are a number of jobs that you can take up in this field.  If you are looking for reasons why take up career in tourism and recreation industry, and then there are many.  Travel agents being experienced travelers are knowledgeable about various destinations and can be called as an asset because they help clients reach to decisions.  They can answer questions about weather, logistics and exchange rates in a better way. Skills used in the tourism can be used in every part of the world. Tour guides usually operate throughout the globe and throughout the year.

There are more than 18,000 businesses related to tourism in British Columbia.  Enrolling in the tourism and recreation program is an exciting way to develop your career in the tourism, recreation and culture sector.  The Tourism and Recreation Management Program is formulated for both full time and part time students who are looking to gain certification in one year certificate program or two year diploma.  These courses are available on- campus as well as online.

One year Certificate program:-  One year certification program would prepare you for entry level positions. You will get a certificate when you have successfully completed the first year of the program.

Two year Diploma Program:-  Two year diploma program would prepare you for supervisory roles and you will take around two years to complete the program and earn a diploma.

The tourism and recreation management program has been designed to introduce students to a wide range of skills including class lectures, agency visits and projects.  You will learn skills that would help you undertake employment in a number of recreation and tourism industry.

Tourism and Recreation Management Course at College of the Rockies, Canada

College of the Rockies offer a mix of trades, vocational and academic courses and services for part time and full time students.  The campus has to offer a wide range of activities and events throughout the year and students can indulge in various leisure activities such as basketball, volleyball, etc.

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