Can I apply for Canada PR if I am self employed artist or athlete?

Can I apply for Canada PR if I am self employed artist or athlete?

The answer is yes. In case you are an aspiring candidate with artistic or athletic qualities which have helped you in being self employed you can apply for a Canada PR. The skill or career should fall under the National Occupation list for a candidate who is self employed be it cultural or athletic skill. Whether you are a musician or passionate about wrestling or football in case you have been able to contribute successfully in the passion you are eligible for migrating to Canada.

Canada has always been known as the land of promising opportunities. With a booming surge in vast number of people initiating their own businesses Canada has started providing permanent residency to aspiring candidates via Self employed program.

What is the process of Canada Self employed program?

The process of Canada Self employed program is very simple:

  • You need to have work experience of minimum 2 years.
  • You should have an interest in being self employed and a permanent resident of Canada
  • You need to have minimum of 35 points on the grid system which can be achieved for your educational qualification.
  • Candidate who have completed high school and above are eligible.
  • IELTS requirement is minimum of 4 to maximum of 6.5 bands.


What are the benefits of Self Employment Program in Canada?

  • You don’t need to have any net worth for self employment program in Canada.
  • Candidate would need to provide proof for sufficient funds for immigration process according to the usual visa process
  • Your spouse and dependent children can also migrate with you under self employed program
  • The aspirant has complete freedom to practice his/her artistic or athletic profession.
  • In case the candidate has experience in a particular self employed category and he/she can be considered eligible for another category as per NOC and also have the experience then a licensed immigration agent can guide you for the same.
  • The experience required for self employed category is barely of 2 years to be eligible.

What is the criterion for Selection under Self Employment Program in Canada?

The candidate would require just a minimum of 35 points to be eligible for Self employment program for Canada PR. Following points can aid you in the selection criteria

  • Work experience- minimum 2 years

In case you have more years of experience then better would be the scores.

  • Education- relevant to skill
  • Language Proficiency- Proficient in Canadian official language (English or French)
  • Age- preferably between 18 to 35.

However it is not a mandatory criterion.

  • Adaptability

Time period for Immigration Process

The time period for immigration process is 22 months from the time of application.

In case an applicant is looking to invest, establish or attain a business venture in Canada it is advised to consult a licensed immigration consultant who can ensure correct visa documentation and timely. The consultants can scrutinize the candidates complete profile and provide with best options for Canada PR.

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