Australia soon to launch new visa to push its economy

Australia is in planning to introduce new visa program in order to boost the job market and economy. The statement is made by Pert Dutton, the Minister of Home Affairs. This visa will attract those who are in planning to start a business in Australia.  Giving a brief on the outline to launch new visa, Peter Dutton said that there will be a requirement of compulsory finding. Applicant needs to show that they have vocational English said, Peter.

The motive of the Turnbull government to introduce this visa is to increase job opportunities and to give a standard of living in Australia, said Peter Dutton. He further said that this is planned to be achieved by promoting investment and growth of business in Australia

The visa will encourage the entrepreneurs at the seed-stage to led innovative ideas which will boost the future jobs, said the Minister of Home Affairs.

“I shifted from Adelaide to Melbourne last year in spite of having been living there for last one decade. The slow growth of the economy was the chief reason for leaving the State” said Navjot Singh Kailay an Indian migrant.

He further said many Australian PR holders with a South Australian State nomination move to other parts of the nation. They particularly shifted to immigration. They are unable to retain skilled immigrants.

The federal government has given an undertaking to Liberals in South Australia to introduce new visa on a pilot basis on the state. Through this visa, foreign investors and entrepreneurs will be able to apply for a provisional visa to setup their business in Australia.

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