Apply for Australian visas through Registered MARA agents

Applicants wishing to apply for any visa to Australia must apply for their application through qualified, experienced and licensed professionals.

If you wish to apply for Australian visa then choose MARA agent as your visa consultant.

Who are Registered MARA AGENTS for Australia visas?

As per the Australian law only registered migration agents, legal practitioners and people who are exempt can provide immigration advice and assistance in Australia for visas. Registered MARA agents are professional who are qualified to provide you immigration advice and assistance for visas.

Who are exempt persons to provide you immigration advice for Australia?

Following is the list of exempt persons as per the OMARA website

  • Your nominator
  • Your sponsor
  • Your close family member
  • Member of diplomatic mission
  • Member of consular post
  • Member of international organisation
  • Preparation of submission to minister of home affairs

Above is the list of exempt people. It is important to know here that the person who is exempt that is who is not a Registered MARA agent or a legal practitioner cannot charge you a fees for the help.

Why should you apply your Australia study visa through Registered MARA AGENT?

Registered migration agents are professionals who can give you immigration assistance. You must apply through a registered MARA agent as they are

  • Qualified about migrations laws and the procedures of migration laws which is of utmost importance to file Australian visas correctly as per the current policy
  • They have to act in the interest of their clients and hence are bound to follow code of conduct
  • They are listed on the website of OMARA which means that their registration is current
  • They meet the professional standard as set by the OMARA

So from the above discussion it is quite apparent that applying visa application through MARA agent has its own benefits.

Applicants must be beware of people claiming to be registered as MARA agents. Check on the website of OMARA for the registration details.

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Apply for your study in Australia through Top Registered MARA agent Parwinder Kaur at West Highlander Chandigarh

If you wish to apply for Australia visa then choose MARA agent as your visa consultant.

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  • Student visas- visa subclass 500
  • Dependent student spouse visas- visa subclass 500
  • Partner visas for spouses of Australian residents and citizens visa -subclass 309 and visa subclass 100
  • Visitor visa – visa subclass 600
  • Business innovation visa – visa subclass 188
  • Post study work visa subclass 485
  • Dependent post study work visa 485

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