Aircraft Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course at Fort St John Campus, Canada

The role of aircraft maintenance engineers is to identify the problems and make repairs to the aircraft structure, electrical structure and mechanical structure.  The other job responsibilities include- drawing and blueprints, testing aircraft systems, interpreting technical manuals, etc.  An aircraft maintenance engineer should have ability to read and understand service manuals, should be knowledgeable about computer machinery, mechanical aptitude, and will be responsible for ensuring the worthiness of an aircraft.

The aircraft maintenance engineering course will contain 15 month basic training program, which is designed for individuals who want to work in aerospace industry. There are mainly three things required for becoming a licensed aircraft maintenance engineering expert. That are-  experience, training and successful completion of exam (Canadian Aviation Regulation Exam).

Requirements for becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

According to the FAA, the requirements for engineers working on aircrafts should have following requirements.

  • He must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have proficiency in English
  • Must have experience in working with power plants
  • Must have passed written, oral and practice tests

The FAA also requires that individual must have done under the direct supervision of the certified mechanic.   The certification of FAA is also available for power plant mechanics and airframe mechanics.  Most of the programs take around 20 months to complete and cover the topics that prepare students to pass the FAA tests.  The annual salary of an aircraft mechanics is around $55, 980 according to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS).

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