Study in Montreal Quebec Avail number of benefits

Quebec has become one of the desired places to study in Canada. If international students opt to study in Quebec they get number of benefits while studying and after completing their study.
What are the benefits of Study in Canada in province of Quebec?

Following are the benefits of Study in Quebec

  • Budget Friendly
    Quebec is very budget friendly. You can find many colleges in Quebec with low fees. Montreal is one of the preferred cities in Quebec for international students. Montreal is the largest city in Province of Quebec. So if international students choose to study in Montreal they get to experience one of the finest cities in Canada. There are number of colleges in Montreal with low fees.

  • Less English language requirements
    Another benefit is that there are less English language admission requirement in colleges in Quebec. There are many colleges in Montreal with IELTS 5.5 students may qualify for direct admission in the courses with 5.5 IELTS Band score. So if you are looking for Canada study visa with 5.5 bands in IELTS Study in Montreal is the right option for you.

  • Work while study
    As per the Canada student visa policy students who are enrolled in a full time course at any Designated Learning institute in Canada are allowed to work part time

  • Learn French for free along with getting paid for learning French language
    One of the biggest attractions of Study in Canada in Quebec province is that international students may join free French course and get paid by Quebec government for learning French.  Students need not depend on part time work for the extra money they may require while studying. Your spouse if in Canada as your dependent is also eligible to join free French language course and get allowance

  • Post study work visa
    Successful completion of Study in Canada gives you an advantage of applying Canada Post study work visa. The length of the post study work visa depends on the duration of the course you have done in Quebec.

  • Settlement options after completion of Study in Quebec
    International students who have successfully completed study in Quebec can apply to remain in Quebec under regular skilled worker program for foreign graduates in Quebec. So if you successfully complete your study in Quebec you have the option of permanently staying in Quebec.
    Above are the benefits of study in Quebec which International students can avail.