Spouse visa after new post study visa changes in New Zealand

If you choose New Zealand as your overseas study destination then according to the policy your spouse and children may apply for their student dependent visa. We at West Highlander Study Abroad assist you in every possible way to guide you about your course and university as per your career aspirations. We, your overseas career counsellor guide you about the visa options for available for your spouse and kids and assist you in applying for their applications after successfully getting through your student visa process. We ensure to guide you properly about your dependents so that they may live along with you while on Study in New Zealand. Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for partner and dependents of New Zealand student visa holders.

 I am applying for a Post Graduate level 8 courses. Can my spouse apply for work visa?

Yes, if you apply for work visa application before 26 November 2018. As per the changes in the policy announced on 8 August 2018- after 26 November 2108, if you would like to support work visa application of your spouse then your course must be specified in the long term skills shortage list. If it is not in the Long Term Skill shortage list then you cannot support work visa application for your spouse.

My course is a Graduate Diploma Level 7 of one year duration. Is my spouse eligible for a work visa?

Your spouse would be eligible for a work visa only if your course is listed on the Long Term Skill Shortage list.

I have got my New Zealand student visa approved for Master of Applied Management level 9 course. Can I support work visa application for my spouse?

Yes you may support work visa application of your spouse as the qualification at a level 9 or 10 makes you eligible for this.

I have an offer of a place for Bachelor’s in Business level 7 course. Can my partner apply for work visa?

No your partner cannot apply for work visa as this qualification is not listed under the long term skill shortage list.

I am in New Zealand on a student visa and pursuing a Masters degree at level 9. I recently got married one month back and would like to apply visa for my spouse. Can my partner apply work visa?

According to the policy as you are pursuing a level 9 course your spouse is eligible for a work visa but along with the requirement of course level you must also meet the living together criteria of partnership. As you are recently married and have not lived together your spouse may not qualify for dependent work visa.

My spouse applied for his dependent visitor visa but was refused as the case officer is not satisfied that the relationship is genuine. We had submitted out marriage certificate and photographs with the application.

You need to satisfy the visa officer that your partnership is genuine. Immigration New Zealand asses this factor based on various aspects. It is not only about providing marriage certificates and photographs; it is much more than this. You need to provide verifiable documentary evidence to prove this aspect of the application.

What is the four fold test of partnership?

Your New Zealand spouse visa application is decided based on the case officer’s assessment of four factors of genuineness of relation, stability of your relationship , credibility of information provided and living together criterion. These four factors constitute the four fold test of dependent partnership applications.

I have been recently married. I do not fulfil living together criteria.  My spouse is on student visa in New Zealand. What is the option for me?

You may apply for General Visitor visa which would allow you and your partner to live together in New Zealand. You can apply for partnership visa during that period once you have fulfilled the living together criteria.

 At West Highlander we make sure that our students are guided properly about the spouse visa options available to them. We have in-depth discussions with our clients and counsel them about the best option available. Working in this industry we have felt that the students who are married and do not have complete information about the available options for their spouses or spouses who have complications with their cases are forced to live apart as they are not able to successfully file their dependent via applications. We at West Highlander make sure that we assess the application of the spouse also. Ms Parwinder  Kaur, one of the key personnel of West Highlander is a licensed immigration adviser licensed by Immigration Adviser Authority – IAA, New Zealand and have till date successfully  served hundreds of clients. All our services to the students as well as their spouses are free of cost. We facilitate the admission and visa process of the students as well as their spouses.