Solutions for Common Grounds of Canada Study visa refusal.

Your proposed studies are not reasonable in the light of one or more of your qualifications, previous studies, academic record, missing mark sheets, level of establishment, language abilities or your future prospects and plans.
This is a common ground of refusal for Study in Canada application. What do these refusal reasons mean? Let’s detail these refusal reasons and possible ways how to avoid these if possible.
1   Proposed study not reasonable in light of one or more of your qualification, previous study
This implies that the course you propose to do in Canada is not relevant to your previous studies which you have done in your home country. The pathway is not reasonable. Your future study in Canada is not relevant to your present study here.
For your Study in Canada visa application to be successful it is very important that you choose a course which is relevant to your previous study and any work experience you may have. Your Study progression must be very clear. Your purpose to travel to Canada is to Study. Prepare your Letter of Explanation very carefully and mention in it why you chose to do these programs.
2 Academic Record
The case officer would look into your academic record. Does your academic record show consistency? Do you have any gaps in your education? Do you have any backlogs?
If you have in regular studies then it is OK but if there is some gap in your studies you need to address those points. Mention the reasons along with supporting documentation with your Study in Canada application. If you are employed provide work experience documentation along with your Canada student visa application.
3 Missing Mark sheets
Sometimes the application may miss to provide any of the mark sheets resulting in refusal because the case officer might think that you may be hiding some information which is a serious issue.
Be extra careful about attaching all of the mark sheets and passing certificates of all the qualification you may have with your application. Do not assume that if you are a graduate and have not attached 12th standard mark sheet it is OK. This carelessness may cause you serious problems with your visa application.
4 Level of Establishment
In this case officer looks into how well you and your family are established in your home country. The case officer sees to your economic, social ties in your home country which would enable you to depart Canada once you successfully complete your study in Canada.
Provide information about your family background, family income sources, financial sources which would prove your strong level of establishment in your home country.
5 Future Plans
The case officer would look into your future plans. You are spending a reasonable portion of your family money for your Study in Canada and the case officer expects you to have serious future plans. Lack of clarity would attract visa refusals.
Prepare your letter of explanation very carefully. Be very specific about what you plan to do after successfully completing your study. This must not be vague information. It must be very specific relevant to your individual circumstances.
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