New Zealand to eliminate Exit Cards or departure Cards by December 2018

New Zealand is soon going to eliminate NZ Exit cards or departure cards. It would applicable to those who exit from the country. As per the Statistics NZ, Prime Minster Jacinda Arden has expressed this feeling after issue was highlighted at the Leadership Forum New Zealand-Australia.

Till now, the individuals who plan to leave the country must fill a writer form. All departure cards were ended by Australia in 2017 July itself. The country is still working on replacing it with digital alternative, as quoted by Radionz Co NZ.

NZ Exit cards could be eradicated by December 2018 and it will also eliminate primary intention of the departure card. It will involve 6.5 million lesser transaction between the travelers and the government, said Statistics New Zealand Senior Manager Population statistics Peter Dolan.

He further said, decreasing the burden of 6.5 million transaction will be great victory of NZ in our opinion. On the other side, alternative ways of collecting data are still being investigated, said added Statistics New Zealand Senior Manager Population statistics.

Travel firms in the nation have welcomed the decision of removing NZ Exit Cards. Commercial Directors of a renowned travel firm Brent Thomas spoke out on this that the move will make travel hassle-free.
He added that in the past, questions had been raised regarding the validity of the exit cards and the date collected from them as well. Nevertheless, the validity for inbound cards is authentic particularly to find-out the origin of travelers who have reached, said Thomas.

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