Global Studies Post Diploma Certificate

If you are interested in expanding your education globally, then there are a number of chances for you to expand your skill set and grab better opportunities.  The global studies graduate certificate program is specially designed to help international students to apply your learning in a previous degree or diploma program.  This program is applicable for a variety of fields, which include- business administration, tourism, health, arts, science, humanities, family studies, environmental sustainability, etc. In this program, you get an opportunity to reflect and pass a good message about your knowledge of international awareness and achieve recognition for formal learning.

Admission requirements for Global Studies Post Diploma Certificate

 Interested candidates need to fulfill several guidelines, which are as follows:-

  • Degree or Diploma with over 50% marks or minimum second division
  • Work experience of at least 6 months
  • Fulfill requirements of IELTS, which are 6.0 overall, 6.0-reading, 6.0-writing, 5.5- listening, 5.5 speaking.
  • There are no requirements for math except for courses that have a math prerequisite

Master’s Degree in International Studies

Those who are planning to enrol into master degree programs must possess a bachelor’s degree. Several programs also require applicants to possess training in a foreign language prior to admission.  The international studies master degree programs also incorporate multiple disciplines, which include- political science, history and provide students an understanding of the international issues. A list of common courses included in the program include- developing nations, international law, international trade theory, comparative politics, and history of US international relations.

Salary Prospects and Employment

Candidates who have master’s degree in political science or a related field can be qualified to work as political scientists.  The number of available options in the field has increased 21% from 2012-2022, which is faster than average, according to the reports of the BLS.  The expected salary of the political scientists is $104,000.

Career Options

This program would make you capable of working at a foreign scale or global scale.  The fields incorporated in this field are- mass communication, governmental affairs, tourism and international commerce. Opportunities are also available in law and entertainment, policy making, etc.

Tuition Fee

To enrol into the course, you are supposed to pay $1300 CAD per course and students can take up to 5 courses per semester with minimum requirements to finish 3 courses per semester.  Application fee for the course is CAD $100, which is non refundable.  The intakes for the course are January, May and September.