Funds and Financial requirements for Australia Study Visa

A highly sought after study abroad destination, Australia is a continent country which offers best research oriented teaching facilities around the world. The natural beauty of the country fascinates thousands of tourists every year while educational facilities attract study abroad aspirants. Home to globally ranking universities and colleges, Australia has earned a reputation of top-notch education provider in the world.
Talking about Australia study visa, the Department of Home Affairs of Australian Government has imposed various restrictions and boundaries within which international students are supposed to acquire their student visa. In funds and financial requirements, there are mainly three factors – travel, tuition and living.
To study in Australia, the international students are required to include AUD 2,000 as travel costs that should be available to student to travel back to the home country.
Living cost – The students are required to have sufficient funds for meeting the 12 months living cost in Australia. It will cost $20,290 to the students and if they are accompanied by a partner, then additional $7,100 and for dependent child; additional $3,040.
Course fee – The tuition fee depends upon the institution and the course chosen by the student. The diploma or certificate courses usually cost lower while graduate courses cost more and research courses are generally priced much higher owing to the resources required in undertaking research. The international students are obligated to show initial year funds. If the course chosen by the student is of duration more than one year, even then the student is required to show funds for first year of his study in Australia.
Evidence of Financial Capacity

  • 12 months fund option – Under this, the students are required to provide evidence of funds to cover tuition, travel and living expense. They can show funds through money deposit, loan from an approved financial institution, scholarship, government loan or sponsorship.
  • Annual income option – The students can provide the evidence that they meet the annual income requirement which is $60,000. If the student is accompanied by family members, then the amount will be $70,000.

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